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Telecom Upgrades

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Full Assessment

TelDesign can provide a Full Assessment for a technology migration project. We first meet with all business stakeholders to create a strategic objectives document. We assess the existing infrastructure and present the client with a technology migration strategy. The agreed-upon strategy will then form the basis for RFPs to vendors. In cases where the client has already received detailed proposals from vendors, these proposals will be measured against the agreed upon VoIP strategy and a RFP process can then be avoided.

What is it?

We help businesses successfully migrate their telecommunications infrastructures by ensuring that strategic business objectives are met and by applying manageable measurements to the systems and the value they provide.

Once you're reassured that voice and data telecommunications systems are fully optimized, it may be determined that new technology investments or migration to Voice over IP (VoIP) can result in saving you even more money.

How does it work?

During the Mini Assessment, TelDesign works on-site at the client's location. We begin by collecting all relevant information about current systems in place. We then create a presentation-style report that deals with the issues raised and provide our specific recommendations for moving forward. In the second half of the day, we present and discuss our findings and recommendations with the client and compose a set of action points to leave behind.

1-Day Mini Assessment

What Next?

​Based on our findings from the Infrastructure Inventory and Utilization Assessment reports, TelDesign creates a detailed voice and data Optimization Plan.

Once the Optimization Plan is finalized and accepted, we develop an Implementation Plan that details all of the actions to be performed in order to execute the Optimization Plan.

Save on your Telecom Expenses Today

It pays to understand.

By demystifying communications technology and presenting choices, we empower businesses to manage their telecommunications systems as strategic assets.

We provide business managers with a clear understanding of their voice and data systems, strategies for improving the efficiency of those systems, and tools to measure their value in business terms.

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