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Founded in 1999, with experience from 1982 - Now.

Our services ensure that business managers can understand, optimize, and manage their voice, data, and wireless systems. We give them the knowledge, based on measurable data, and "de-technologized" language they need to make strategic business decisions about their communications infrastructures.

Our founder, Hans Bergman, left Nortel in 1995 and founded Convergent Design, a company providing strategic advice regarding telecom product development.


Through providing design consulting services to companies like Bell Canada, Nortel, Mitel, Motorola, and many of the US and overseas carriers, Hans identified a business need to support technology end-users - including small, medium, and large businesses - to help them navigate the maze of available technology options and to help them optimize their voice and data telecommunications systems.

This resulted in the founding of TelDesign in 1999 to specialize in examining telecommunications systems for business and end-user perspectives.


Natalie Bergman

Natalie has extensive experience in telecommunications, including working at a carrier in many capacities for 10 years. Natalie is familiar with the ins and outs of large telecommunication companies. Her passion is working and advocating on behalf of the customer, she believes every company needs a voice to combat large telecom companies who are overcharging businesses each and every day. Many people claim they are “friends” with carrier reps, but in Natalie's case, she truly is your friend – working directly for you and NOT for the carrier. Natalie's extensive relationships and rapport built with decision-makers in the telecommunications industry allow her to solve client telecom issues with unique and effective solutions.


Hans Bergman

With 25 years of voice and data telecommunications experience, Hans has a unique combination of skills and philosophies.

His ability to convey complex voice and data issues in concrete business language has helped hundreds of TelDesign clients to optimize their voice and data communication systems for maximum efficiency and low-cost operation.


Annelie Bergman

Annelie has worked as a barrister (providing legal counsel to governmental departments in the Netherlands) and accounting; two critical areas of expertise in the negotiation of complex service contracts on behalf of TelDesign clients. Since 1999, she has negotiated comprehensive contracts with providers for more than 150 clients and has obtained more than 50 substantial financial credits for billing errors and tariff violations. She has also managed numerous implementations of voice and data optimization projects.

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It pays to understand ®

By demystifying communications technology and presenting choices, we empower businesses to manage their telecommunications systems as strategic assets.

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