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PBX Watch

Image by Maxwell Ingham

Our Team, at Your Service

We can ensure that our clients are paying the lowest price for the best market value through our various connections and experience.

It pays off financially by keeping a close eye on expensive trunks. It also pays off in terms of providing ongoing high-quality service to your users.

The PBX Watch Service

PBXWatch service will help you manage your expensive trunking resources in an operationally and financially responsible manner. We collect trunk utilization data 24 times per day, every day. At the end of every calendar month, we provide you with an easy-to-understand report detailing the following information:

  • Daily busy-hour information

  • Call statistics

  • PBX information

  • Attendant information

What is PBX Watch?

A service to manage your Private Branch Exchange
in a fiscally responsible way.

Few people realize that purchasing and installing a new telephone system is only the beginning. In a few short years, the cost of connecting your PBX to the public phone network will have exceeded the initial purchase price of your PBX.

Let us check your current expenses.

We'll provide customized reporting to detail and analyze spending.

Save on your Telecom Expenses Today

It pays to understand.

By demystifying communications technology and presenting choices, we empower businesses to manage their telecommunications systems as strategic assets.

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